How To Program PIC(18F) Microcontroller In C Using MPLAB IDE

MPLAB IDE is a powerful tool used to program PIC Microcontroller. This software makes several output files of which hex file is used to burn PIC Microcontroller. You can download this software from Microchip site. You can Program any Microcontroller(18F) in C language in this software.
  1. Open  MPLAB IDE  and from Project tab choose “Project Wizard” and from Project Wizard choose “Next“                                mplab pic 
  2. Select the device you want to use for programming and then choose “Next”  mplab pic
  3. From Active Toolsuite  choose Microchip C18 Toolsuite and from Toolsuite contents choose MPLAB C18 C Compiler then choose “Next”  mplab pic
  4. Now Browse and choose a New Project File and its Directory and choose “Next”  pic 18f
  5. In Step Four the software will demand you to add any file to project. Since this is the first project so simply choose Next and then in next Step choose “Finish”.pic 18 mplab 
  6. Now click on New file button and and create a empty file and don’t forget to choose it’s extension as .C   5
  7. From the view tab choose “Project” then on the left side you can see the following type of Tool bar. Now Right Click on “Source Files” and choose “Add Files” and Add the file you have saved(see 6th point)  pic mplab programming
  8. Similarly you need to add Header files, Library files, Linker files from your installed Program directorypic mplab programming
  9. Now you can write your code in the source file in C language. After writing the project from the Project Tab choose “build” and you will have the hex file on the same directory where your source file is… pic 18f

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