DIY LED Watch vs Panerai PAM 127

I have completed a prototype of my LED Watch. I will post the detail about how to make it later. The watch case and strap are missing :)
- Programmable (via ICSP)
- Vintage 7-segment LEDs with slim sigments
- Powered from a coin cell 3.7V Li-ion rechargeable battery
- Built-in USB battery charger

Size comparison between the DIY LED Watch size and a 1 Thai Baht coin.

On my wrist with help of transparent tape :).
DIY Led Watch

The LED Watch prototype is on the left. Panerai PAM 127 or the "Fiddy" is on the right. In case that you are wondering about the strap, it is custom made from a Louis Vuitton bag.
DIY LED Watch, Panerai PAM127

Please comeback and check out for the making of DIY LED Watch later.

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