Laco Black Pilot Watch Limited 50 pcs.

This post is not related to Microcontroller but it is about what I am up to :)
My watch shop has collaborated with (a long history German watch brand) to produce limited edition watches that really limited. It not limited to 1000 or 100 pieces but there are only 50 pieces in the world !! There are only 50 persons in the world that own this watch. If you have this watch, it might be the only one in your country.
Normally you will see no less than 1000 pieces limited edition from the most watch companies and those watches will be selling at sky rocket prices. I can sell this piece for lower price as I cut all of the marketing cost. Do you know that more than 50% of a watch price is marketing cost?

Check the availibility and price from

Laco Black Pilot's Watch Limited Edition

Please note that the strap in the picture is not comming with the watch.

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